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Welcome to Marco Healing



Who is Marco?


Marco Wijnmaalen is born by Holland parents in Curacao. Already as a small child he had deep spiritual openings.

He could observe how the souls arrive at Earth, and how again they leave ….

As an adult he worked as Landscaping/Interior Architect. Then in the year 2000 he got hit by a stroke, which stopped the functioning of that center in the brain that divides, differentiates wholeness, unity up in parts – that center that hides the unity behind everything. As a result he found himself free, in open space. (See a similar case: Jill Bolte Taylor’s story). Surprisingly it opened up for deep Healing abilities in that open state. Later during a travel in India Marco got in contact with divine energies. It opened up for many former lives as a Healer. The old Healing capabilities were again available. He travelled all over the world, visiting many other healers, to learn and assimilate. So today he can also use this knowledge in essence form. This process continues to deeper and deeper layers of Healing.



Marco offers his healing in three different ways:


Healing Online (changed to 3 Weeks Healing in March 2020):
Heals the body and restores and maintains balance. It is also a great help for spiritual and mental progress. 
Here is how it works: 4 times a week Marco sits in front of his computer and starts the healing session. When you subscribe, you can log in at the same time on your computer, and then see Marco healing live. It is surprising to feel how strong the healing energy then flows. It is like having Marco sitting right in front of you at home.
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Private healing sessions:

If you have more serious health issues, it be physical, mental or spiritual, this is a way to receive healing that is more concentrated addressed to your specific issues. Or maybe you just want to speed up your spiritual progress.

Here is how it works: with the use of the computer program Skype, Marco can see you live on his computer and you can see him live on your computer. It is a very intense and effective personal healing. As distance healing, Marco will heal from your photo instead.

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Group Healing:

Marco travels to different countries and offers Group Healing. Here you sit together with the others in the group, and Marco sits up front, and the healing begins. It is also an opportunity to connect more deeply with Marco. After the group healing everyone is invited to come up and sit with Marco - one to one - for a few quiet moments.

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How the Healing works


Marco has the ability to scan a person, to see through the different layers, scan the entire holistic body system - causal body, mental body, emotional body, etheric body, physical body, collective body and soul.

It is the same for Marco whether he sits with you alone, in a group, or he just gets a glimpse of Your Photo.


The healing always starts with grounding, and this is repeated several times during the session.

“By scanning the entire system and concentrating on the divine energy, blockages are dissolved and your energy is brought back into a flowing process.

I work with White and Golden Light. I focus on imbalances and by going deeper and deeper, little by little it changes. More energy, creativity, intelligence, balance and harmony, intuition, sensitivity, spirituality and light comes. I also work with the colors of the various chakras. I feel the quality of your wavelengths and the vibrational energy of your organs and your cells to bring them in a healthy balance. Scanning the entire body and filling it with blue light, gradually healing of diseases will happen. Once the connection has been made, the Healing Energy flows innocently without any effort, on a level below thoughts. Then help comes from the higher powers, divine entities. It is from them the deepest level of healing happens” – Marco

It is important to note, that it is not only the physical body that receives healing, just as important is the deep spiritual healing, a healing of mind and soul. Many have told how it has helped them to find more inner peace and silence, more appreciation of life, and many have experienced valuable inner guidance.