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3 Weeks Healing





                              Sunday 30. January to Saturday 19. February -  price 39 euro.                       






In 3 Weeks Healing there is 35 minutes distance healing 2 times a day, 4 days a week for 3 weeks.

Then there is a break for 1-2 weeks before a new period starts. Look in the calendar for the next periods. 

In the healing session there is extra focus on the mental, emotional and boosting the immune system. 


The healing days are Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday (Europe)

with 2 optional times a day.  

Time examples for: 


7.00am and 10.00pm

New York: 

1.00am and 4.00pm 


5.00pm and 8.00am  (8am the following day)

find your healing time here: http://www.worldtimebuddy.com/



You can freely choose day and time yourself, though it is recommended maximum to receive one healing per day.



The Healing session:

There is focus on all these areas and more.

Brain, nervous- and lymphatic systems and meridians. 

Cardiovascular system and respiratory system (Heart, veins, bronchia, lungs)

Digestive system and endocrine system (Organs) 

Reproductive system male (Prostate & testicular) 

Reproductive system female (Cervical & breast)

Muscular system and integumentary system (muscles, skin)

Skeletal system and ligament system (bones, joints)

All parts of the body and outer layers are receiving healing. The healing is addressed to both diseases and spiritual growth.


How to receive healing?

You choose one of the times for your healing mentioned above, Marco do not need to know when. At every healing session, Marco will sit at home and start the healing and you will sit at home. With your intention you open yourself up to the healing, simply by asking inside yourself for healing to your issues and then relax into the knowing that you are receiving the healing. Then the healing energy will flow by itself. It all happens on a level that transcends time and space.


How does it feel to receive healing?

Many will feel the Healing Energy right from the beginning, but for some it can take time. Gradually it will come. When Healing begins, some people might feel warmth, energy, fullness, and others might feel hurt, sorrow, irritation or anger rising -  it's all signs that you are receptive and the healing process has begun. To help the healing process it is good to rest or even sleep afterwards and also drink more water than usually.


Price/Sign Up

(Note when you sign up for "3 weeks healing", you agree to the medical disclaimer.)

Here in February the price is 39 euro. You can make your payment here.

When we have received your payment, you are registered and can start to receive the healing.

You are welcome to send a photo of you and tell about your issues. (optional)


We very much would like to hear from you if you have any questions or feedback. Send us an email to marcohealing@gmail.com


"3 weeks healing" changed in March 2020 from being online to distance healing (Healing Online). The healing is the same, the only difference is that Marco do not go online in the healing sessions.



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