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About the Healing




Healing of Body, Mind and Spirit


In Healing, personal or distance healing, by connecting with you, the universal healing energy flows through your entire body system*.

* (causal body, mental body, emotional body, etheric body, physical body, collective body and soul)


By scanning the aura and concentrating on the divine energy, blockages are dissolved and your energy is brought back in a flowing process.


I mostly work in the center of the brain, in the point of White and Golden Light. I focus on it and little by little it changes, more energy, creativity, intelligense, balance and harmoni, intuition, sensitivity, spirituallity and Light.


I also work with the colors of the various chakras. I feel the quality of your wavelengths and the vibrational energy of your organs and your cells to bring them in a healthy balance.


Scanning the entire body and filling it with blue light, gradually healing of diseases will happen. 





Healing Diseases


Marco scans the entire physical body: the muscles, the skeletal structure, and all the organs: female/male reproductive, cardiovascular, digestive, urinary, and endocrine organs, the lymphatic system, the nervous system, and the brain. The Healing Energy will start to flow, gradually dissolving blockages and create more balance where ever it is needed. The effect of Healing depends on so many factors, that it is difficult to predict the exact effect, and how fast it will work. No guaranties can be given. For some it will work fast, for others it will take longer time, so always consult with a qualified physician. See also ‘Important medical disclaimer’.




How does it feel to receive Healing?


Many will feel the Healing Energy right from the beginning, but for some it can take time. Gradually it will come. When Healing begins, some people might feel warmth, energy, fullness, and others might feel hurt, sorrow, irritation or anger rising -  it's all signs that you are receptive and the healing process has begun. To help the healing process it is good to rest or even sleep afterwards.




The Effect of the Healing - Important Medical Disclaimer!


The effect of Healing depends on so many factors, that it is not possible to say how complete the healing will be. So no guarantees can be given. Always consult with a qualified physician.

Healing is not in conflict with any other treatment – Allopathic/Western Medicine, Holistic Medicine, Ayurveda etc.




Are there any negative side effects?


The Healing energy is pure and innocent. However, when it starts working, in the process of dissolving the blockages your symptoms might sometimes feel worse than before. Don’t worry, it shows the Healing is working on a deep level. Continue with the Healing. The longer you receive the Healing Energy, the better and easier it will become.




Our perception of reality influences our health.


The way we think and perceive the world becomes our reality. A disease in our body is a detour, which means that we have to learn something more. A symptom/ imbalance are a sign, an alert, a request to change our patterns and to create a new outlook and behavior for right balance and harmony in our lives.