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GroupHealing & Healing One by One

In Group Healing, first we sit together in silence, then at the end, everyone is invited to come up to Marco, one by one, and sit with him in a moment of deep personal contact and healing. A beautiful end of the Group Healing. GroupHealing is 40 minutes and Healing One by One about 30 minutes. All together it will last more than 1 hour.


For dates and sign up see Calender here.



Are there any negative side effects?


Healing energy is pure and innocent. However, it sometimes pushes out the stored blockages in our bodies. This may cause your symptoms to worsen before they improve. If this happens, do not worry. It is a sign that you are receptive to the energy and have started the healig process.



Group Healing with other treatments?


There will be no conflict between Group Healing and other types of healing or treatments. Always check with Your Doctor.











You are welcome to invite Marco to your city, please send an email to: MarcoHealing@gmail.com