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Private Session

To sign up to a Skype session click here

(also as distance healing)


For dates, see the Calender here.


A Personal Healing Session with Marco on Skype works this way:
After having signed up, and told Marco about yourself, and your issues, you and Marco find some times during the week where you can sit quietly in front of your computer and receive the healing.
Then you and Marco both log in at the same time, and the private healing session begins.
You can see Marco Live on your computer screen, and he can see you Live on his screen.
By looking at you on his screen, the healing energy begins to flow and connects with you. It is a very direct and powerful way to receive healing – like having Marco sitting right in front of you at home.
Please note: All healings are in silence.
We use the computer program SKYPE – it is free of charge and it does not need a special powerful computer*
If you already have it, please make sure it is updated to the latest version.
If you don’t have it, please download from this website: Skype and follow the on screen instructions.
If you are not familiar with handling computer programs, please have a friend help you. It is very easy once you know.
And if you don’t use a computer there is also the possibility to receive distance healing the traditional way, where Marco uses a photo of you to connect.
* If you can watch YouTube on your pc, it is allright.