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Some testimonials – feedback from Marco's Healing:




Silkeborg, Denmark
I send you my gratitude for the possibility to receive such fantastic healing every month 
I look forward to it, and I enjoy it every time.
Thank You



Copenhagen, Denmark

Dear Marco,
Yesterday I could not log in but I got a good distance healing anyway, thank you.

I just imagined Marco and it worked very very vel, I feelt it very strongly - and for me it is good not to be dependent of the computer/live video - I mean now I can connect everywere I am in the healing times. 
Have a very good time




Oregon, USA

Dear Marco,

Thank you very much. I will write more about the experiences I have had so far while participating with your live video healing. Each healing session has profound affects on me. I so yearn to "wake up" spiritually and shed this veil of illusory facade so I can truly be of service in this world through pure divine love.

I am so grateful to have become aware of your healing services.




Copenhagen, Denmark

I find Marco's healing very nourishing and it has started a loosening process on all levels, both physical, emotional, mental and spiritually. The healing is working inside-out, on such a deep level within that my mind cannot comprehend. It´s a gentle process where i experience more and more and deeper and deeper who I truly AM !




Roskilde, Denmark

I had the same sensations coming up that I so often experience when having individual or group healing. Like an inner burning and pushing around within. Especially in areas where I feel tension in body and so forth.....then later more and more release and gentle but yet powerful flow of light.  After half an hour I got tired and were lying down for 15 minutes and more release came my way. Very good Marco.