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Healing Videos


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Special healing videos for more serious health issues. Here healing is recommended more often, preferable every day. If you receive healing energy every day, the effect will naturally be stronger, because the healing energies stays in you and works continously.

You can also use these healing videos if you have a minor disease, a specific problem or just want to receive more energy to a certain part of your body. Or as a prevention, to strenghten your overall health generally, you can choose to receive healing from any of the videos, maybe take two every day – or at least 7 times a week.

It works this way when you sign up: You will have access to the healing videos for a period of time, where you can logon with your password and receive healing whenever you want. Then simply start the video, and you will see Marco’s healing on the video.

You can receive healing from the videos again and again. Although it is a prerecorded video, the healing energy is present and will flow when you give it your attention. 


There is a video for every part of the body all together 49 videos.

Every video is about 18 minutes. The healing is about 12 minutes and then some minutes with quiet music to harmonize and integrate the energies. To help the healing process it is good to rest or even lie down and sleep afterwards.

The quiet music is: Sleep Music Delta Waves from Meditationrelaxclub


An example of a healing video:

Arms: The energy flows to your entire body, the whole system, but most intensely to the arms. It goes into the bones, the muscles, nerves, all levels. It heals and harmonizes from within.



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How does it feel to receive Healing?

Many will feel the Healing Energy right from the beginning, but for some it can take time. Gradually it will come. When Healing begins, some people might feel warmth, energy, fullness, and others might feel hurt, sorrow, irritation or anger rising -  it's all signs that you are receptive and the healing process has begun.


Are there any negative side effects?

The Healing energy is pure and innocent. However, when it starts working, in the process of dissolving the blockages your symptoms might sometimes feel worse than before. Don’t worry, it shows the Healing is working on a deep level. Continue with the Healing. The longer you receive the Healing Energy, the better and easier it will become.



We are all different, so naturally no guarantees can be given, read ‘Important medical disclaimer’.

The feed back from the healings are very encouraging. But if you feel that you do not get results even after haven given it a genuine test period, you will get you money back – no questions asked. Please send an email to marcohealing@gmail.com. But you must have given it a chance to show its effects, that means: At least 3 healings every week for one month.